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What is Traffic Blasters?

Traffic Blasters is a free Traffic Exchange with cutting edge features to get new members who will view your business site, affiliate and splash pages, MLM opportunities or other sites you need traffic for. When joining a TE, you want a site that is endorsed and promoted by big names in internet marketing. Let Traffic Blasters be the big player that blasts traffic to your site.

How Does It Work?

Traffic Blasters gives you multiple ways to promote your site including, surfing for hits, banner ads, and text ads. Want to turbocharge your traffic? Our Pro features are perfect. Plus other ways to promote your sites, such as getting your site on every member's login screen. We also provide fast, friendly customer service.

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Join us and you can earn both traffic and cash by promoting our site. Get traffic every time you visit another member's site. Refer other members to Traffic Blasters and you can earn commissions when they upgrade to Pro membership.

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What do you get...


  • Faster timer
  • Website traffic
  • Banner advertising
  • Text Link advertising
  • Rotator
  • Trackers
  • Mini Brander
  • Earn credits by viewing Login sites
  • Win credits in the Word Game
  • Downline Builder


  • All previous benefits plus
  • 7 second timer
  • 3:1 ratio
  • 10% Referral Credits
  • 20% Commissions
  • Referal Credits


  • 5 second timer
  • 2:1 ratio
  • Random Referrals
  • 10% Referral credits, 5% Level 2
  • More URLs, Banners & Text Links
  • More Rotators
  • More Trackers
  • More Mini Branders
  • Dynamic Surf Ratio
  • 40% Commissions
  • Bonus Monthly Credits
  • And more...login for details


YOUR sign-ups join your programs through YOUR link, helping you to build downlines in other websites.


Traffic Blasters is Targeted: You will get real, live, targeted website traffic. Our anti-cheat technology prevents people from sending you fake traffic.


Traffic Blasters is Viral: Your Traffic increases automatically and exponentially.

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